Shooting takes place from three different guns: Glock – 17 9mm Pistol - 10 rounds, 357magnum Revolver - 10 rounds, Winchester 12 gauge tactical Pump action  shutgun - 5 rounds. distance 15m. Target sheet: silhouette. 
Package includes: instruction, short training and brief overview of guns, shooting gallery, ear and eye protection, targets and live ammunition. 


6 rounds from revolver Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum,
8 rounds from 9mm pistol Glock
6 rounds from tactical shotgun Winchester
6 rounds from Kalashnikov AK- 47 
Package includes: instruction, short training and brief overview of guns, shooting gallery, ear and eye protection, targets and live ammunition. 


Arms: Winchester 12 CAL,
Short Winchester 12 CAL.
Shooting range:
10m from Short Winchester 12 CAL (shotgun )
Shooting range:
25m from Winchester 12 CAL (shotgun )
- 6 rounds from each gun.
Total: 12 rounds per. person. 
Package includes: instruction, short training and brief overview of guns, rental of guns, shooting gallery, ear and eye protection, targets and live ammunition. 


Shooting takes place from two guns: Rossi 38 spl Revolver - 5 rounds, Glock - 17 Pistol - 5 rounds. Distance 25m.
Package includes: instruction and brief overview of guns, rental of guns, shooting gallery, ear and eye protection, targets and live ammunition. 


Extreme Revolver package

Magnum package – just raw horspower !!!

1.Revolver ” Smith & Wesson”  caliber .357 Magnum 

 Cadet Eugene Tackleberry’s gun from the movie ” Police Academy ” 

It is warm up gun !!!

2. 44 Magnum revolver ( genuine Dirty Harry Smith & Wesson model 29 )

3.Pistol ” Dessert Eagle ” caliber .50 Action Express, Most powerful pistol in the World .

4. 454 Casull Magnum revolver ( the Elephant killer ) the most powerful handgun in the World. 2,5 times more power than Dirty Harry’s .44Mag.

and 30% more power than the Desert Eagle !!!

3 rounds from each gun / Total 12 rounds

Are you man enough to go through with this ? 



Ultimate anger management !!!

Shooting takes place from five different guns:
44 Magnum revolver -3 rounds ( genuine Dirty Harry Smith & Wesson model 29 ) 
454 Casull Magnum revolver -3 rounds ( the Elephant killer ) one of the most powerful handguns in the world. 2,5 times more power than Dirty Harry. 44Mag. 
Tactical shotgun Winchester -6 rounds - short „Schwarzeneggers favorite pump action shotgun.
Legendary AK47 Kalashnikov -6 rounds 
Special operations rifle Walther G22 -6 rounds. It's a Top secret mission gun: no sound !!!, ultimate accuracy, aimpoint ultra modern sightsimprove your skill and solve hostage situation ! Special targets.


Machine Gun package

Shooting takes place with four different machine guns :

1.  World famous submachinegun Heckler & Koch MP5 with silencer and red-dot sight 
    - 10 rounds

2.   Legendary AK47 ( old school ) with classic configuration, caliber 7,62x39 
    - 10 rounds

Spetsnaz AK47 with silencer and red-dot sight, caliber 7,62x39 
   - 10 rounds

 4.   Hi-tec US-Army M16 tactical carabine with zoomable red-dot sight, caliber 5,56mm NATO 
    - 10 rounds

Feel like special-forces operator in a modern battle !


Note: all weapons are semi-automatic only, but it is still possible to shoot very fast !

  KGB package

1.  8 rounds from  Pistol MAKAPOB*** (Makarov) Favorite toy of Soviet KGB and militia. Compact,comfortable, almost no recoil.

2. 8 rounds from Pistol TT***- The official gun of Russian mafia. The powerful bullet can easely penetrate body armor.

3. 5 rounds from  AK-47*** aka Kalashnikov, caliber 7,62mm. World famous assault rifle. No comments needed, it is the LEGEND!

4. 5 rounds from assault rifle SKS*** Russian assault rifle from WWII. That gun is truly unique, you can try bayonet fighting and smell the war!


Assassins package

1. Walther P22 with silencer and laser sight. The James Bond’s modern times gun, – ideal for secret mission. No sound and deadly accurate. – 10 rounds 

2. Pistol Tokarev 7,62mm. also know as
TT-33 was widely used by Soviet Military and was a favorite 
gun of Russian mafia. This pistol bullet can easily 
penetrate body armor. – 10 rounds 

3. Tikka Tactical. Full caliber NATO sniping rifle. In right hands it can hit 
up to 900m distance.
This rifle was engineered for the demanding and precise 
tasks of the law enforcement professional. It features a 20" barrel with non-reflective black phosphate finish, a synthetic varmint-style stock with 
adjustable cheek piece and a 5-round, drop-free detachable magazine. The top of the action comes complete with Picatinny-style rail, designed to fit most types of optic bases and accessories. 
Also, the rifle comes ready to accept many accessories such as a muzzle-brake and a bipod, which making it an ideal tool 
for the assassins. – 3 rounds 


All the packages include transportation from your hotel to the shooting range and 
back and all necessary equipment for the shooting - ear and eye protection, 
targets, weapons, live ammunition, English speaking guides).
All of our instructors have received high-quality training and are experts on their

No drinking before the shooting action !


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A Combined package of different guns and different amount of ammunition.
Price upon settlement. 

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Kalashnikov shooting in Tallinn Estonia