Tallinn Overview 

Tallinn is one of Europe’s most enchanting cities, boasting a stunning ‘Chocolate Box’ old town that the movie men can only dream of. The city located on the shores of the Baltic sea at the most north eastern extremity of Europe is a heady mix of old and new, medieval and modern.

The old town is deservedly a UNESCO world heritage site and is steeped in past history following invasions by the Danes, Swedes, Russians and Germans, all of whom have left a lasting impression with their baroque, gothic and renaissance architecture. Despite the town having been ransacked and pillaged so many times, the preservation of old merchant houses, Russian orthodox churches, historic castles and medieval marketing halls is truly remarkable.

This unique setting contains an eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes, boutiques, bars and nightclubs all hidden within the carved stone walls of the old town. Decadent old world dining rooms, charming cosy wine cellars and stylish bistros provide the perfect opportunity to sample the unique atmosphere that this old town has to offer.

The nightlife in Tallinn is legendary and at weekends the bars and clubs are vibrant and buzzing, offering the visitor everything from rock to house, classical to Jazz  

We should also mention that nowhere else will you find so many gorgeous girls, who truly know how to party!


What more can your soul desire?



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Kalashnikov shooting in Tallinn Estonia